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Flower Show Seminars

Two seminars are scheduled each morning of the Flower Show at the Elk's Lodge. All seminars are FREE to the public! We will be drawing raffle prizes for seminar attendees!!


Saturday April 27th 9:30 AM

Getting to Know Your Backyard Hummingbirds
Presented by Suzanne Colquitt  
Wild Birds Unlimited

       Wild Birds Unlimited is the original and largest franchise system of backyard bird feeding and nature specialty stores with more than 300 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in bringing people and nature together with bird feeding and nature products, expert advice and educational events.

        Lovingly referred to as 'jewels of the sky,' most people have a fascination with hummingbirds, but did you know hummingbirds are important pollinators? Suzanne Colquitt, nature expert and long term employee of Riverside's Wild Birds Unlimited will present an informative talk on local hummingbird species you can attract to your garden! 

Saturday April 27th

10:30 AM

Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden

Presented by Lucy Heyming  

UCCE Master Gardener


       Lucy Heyming has been actively involved with the Master Gardener program since 2003
when she and her husband began the training classes. She has given numerous lectures
over the years including: Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden, Butterfly Gardening,
Companion Planting, Container Gardening, Edible Flowers, Edible Landscaping,
Gardening for Hummingbirds, and Vegetable Gardening. She was the host of the cable
TV show, “Gardening with Lucy,” sponsored by the City of Riverside which can be
viewed on YouTube.
       Lucy and her husband, Frank, live on 5 acres in Riverside and have extensive gardens
throughout including: a Vegetable Garden, a Water Wise Garden, a butterfly and
beneficial insect garden, several formal gardens and the a new sculpture garden which
features an oak tree garden planted with California native plants. Their yard is a Wildlife
Refuge and a Pollinator Habitat. Lucy practices organic gardening and composts as much
yard waste as possible. Their garden has been featured on many garden tours since 1999.


Sunday April 28th

9:30 AM

I'll Be There for You: Be a Friend of the Western Monarch

Presented by Michele Felix-Derbarmdiker

RCRCD Biologist

       Michele Felix-Derbarmdiker is a Biologist for the Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District, joining their team in 2017. She received her B.S in Biological Science with a concentration in Conservation Biology from the University of California Riverside in 2010. She started her career working as a field assistant for the UCR Center for Conservation Biology. After finishing her degree she served as a field biologist for the Santa Ana Watershed Association (SAWA), the County of Riverside and several environmental consulting firms.

       Michele now uses her background to work on both the biology and educational teams here at the RCRCD. As part of the biology team she conducts various wildlife surveys and manages several sites, including the 2 acre Greenbelt Western Monarch Breeding and Foraging habitat. On the education team she manages the Sycamore Creek Interpretive Center in Temescal Valley, serves as instructor for the UC California Naturalist and Climate Steward Programs, assists with community science activities, outreach and other various educational events hosted by the RCRCD. 

Sunday April 28th

10:30 AM

Bringing Nature Home:
California Native Plant Gardening
Presented by Linda Powell
UCCE Master Gardener


       Linda Powell graduated from the Master Gardener Training Program in 2013. Gardening has always been a major love in Linda’s life. A lifelong interest in gardens and the sharing of knowledge is what prompted her to become a volunteer with the UCCE Master Gardener program upon retirement from the Wine Industry.  She is currently a project coordinator with the Master Gardener Home Gardening Basics series of classes.

       This program teaches sustainable gardening skills to the home gardener.
California native plant gardening is a beautiful and beneficial undertaking. Healthful,
sustainable, very water efficient and multi purposed, California native plants are rewarding
additions to any garden. Learn how growing these wonderful plants will open your garden to
amazing possibilities.

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